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Kindness Changes Lives

Kindness should be a natural response in day to day life, but too often it’s said to be a rear occurrence. My name is Deion K and I am an Image Curator. During coaching sessions I am often told by my clients “I want more out of my relationships or it’s unfulfilling. I often ask this question when this topic comes up” who or what have you invested in, to guarantee you the more that you want”? This question most often makes people stop and think. Consider this; if we give our employers time, we expect to be paid. When we make a purchase we believe we will receive what-so-ever we pay for. Yet we struggle to recognize the value we invest in our relationships and encounters.

Another question I often ask is: Do you believe what you have invested in your personal, professional and even casual encounters warrant your expectations. To have the life we desire conscious behavioral changes are necessary and it must become a lifestyle to experience the full return.

Let’s start this change by detoxing our relationships, think more about what you give, how much and why because your motives play a vital role in what your expectations will be of other. Two steps I recommend to start this process are, first be clear on what you bring to your relationships, the reason behind it and the value it has. Step two, be a selfless giver, think beyond yourself. This principle helps us to be free in our giving and also remove the motive price tag which hinders the infinite flow of opportunities each relationship might bring.  Let’s consciously start being selfless in our relationships; consider being kind to people you might be surprise by the endless possibilities that awaits you in both old and new relationships.Now, WHERE AND HOW DO I START? Glad you ask!!!!!! February 11th17th 2018 is Random Act of Kindness Week (RAK) CHALLENGE YOURSELF make the decision to be selfless and show kindness throughout the week. Give a smile,  a good morning to a co-worker or a stranger and try asking someone how they are doing and wait around for an answer don’t go blazing by, show that you genuinely care.

LET’S TAKE THE CHALLENGE IN KINDNESS, POST YOUR EXPERIENCES and be a part of the world changers. A better world starts with you and I being kind to ourselves and others. We can do it, let’s take the challenge. Join us on February 11th – 17th and create you kindness blueprintTwitter: #RAKITUPWITHBLUEPRINTDeion K

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