Our business programs are aimed to assist both businesses and individuals in maximizing their full potential. At BPI we believe the greatest resources any company or organization holds is its employees. Our coaching style merges both the vision of the company and its employees to ensure cohesiveness and operational success.


Builders Club Package

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  • 9 coaching sessions
  • Two tickets to the Book Launch
  • One copy of my upcoming book “CHANGE”
  • One VIP tickets to CHANGE 2019 Seminar
  • Entry to win 5 day 4 nights Caribbean stay

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  4 Payments of $349.75
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Integration: New Immigrants Adjustment Workshops and Seminars

The purpose of the Integration Program (IP) is to eliminate or reduce the stress, anxiety and the emotional irregularity that new immigrants faces during their transnational phase.

Clients are assisted in both personal and professional development to ensure a smooth transition in their daily lives, as they seek to secure employment and socially adapting to their new environment. 

UP (Unhindered Progress)

UP is geared towards start-up companies and entrepreneurs with a desire to build steadily and purposefully towards their goals.

We assist in developing the most safe and efficient path to achieving success while Merging the mastermind with the business ideas to create synergy.

Other Business Services

  • Product and Motivational Coaching (getting you and your product out there)
  • Business Mapping (distinguishing your company in the market place)
  • Program Development (tailored to each client’s needs)
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Workshops
  • Seminars

Youth In Progress
Discovers and Transforms

  • Shaping young minds to live life on purpose
  • Build confidence
  • Unlock dreamers
  • Self LOVE vs. Selfishness